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Rotterdam Global Health Initiative (RGHI) International Launch

Venue: Theater LantarenVenster, Otto Reuchlinweg 996, Rotterdam
Date: Friday October 28, 2011, 12-17.00 h, followed by reception

The RGHI launch symposium brings together experts from around the world, interested in promoting new ways of thinking through the global health challenges and imagining new solutions to the gaps that still exist in health and health care.

Health is a precondition for many activities in life, contributes to wellbeing and to productive energy. But with the ‘deadline’ of the Millennium Development Goals rapidly approaching, it is clear that the health of the world’s population remains poor in many cases, unevenly distributed and a huge challenge.

With the levels of knowledge that exist around the globe and the possibilities of communication that are available, there are in principle tremendous opportunities to improve conditions of health world-wide. However, this requires smarter alliances, more inventive forms of collaboration and better targeted political will.

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The new imagination of global health will be explored in panels with Paul Hunt (University of Essex, former UN ambassador for health as human right), Adam Wagstaff (lead health economist of the World Bank, Washington DC), Agnes Soucat (African health specialist, African Development Bank), Mads Gilbert (Norwegian international emergency care specialist and founder of the Village University), dr. Bruno Meessen ITG, Antwerp, host of one of the most effective Communities of Practice around health systems reform in Sub-Saharan Africa), health systems researcher Tim Evans and educational innovators from BRAC/ICDDRB, Dhaka, dr. Mike Rowson (University College Londen Department International Health & Development), public health specialist dr. Funmilayo Balogun (state epidemiologist Kogi State, Nigeria) and deputy chief editor Raissa Okoi (Vox Africa TV, London).

Special encounters will be set up with social entrepreneurs from the Rotterdam region interested in changing the face of global health.

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