Research master Health Sciences - specialisation Health Economic Analysis (HS-HEA)

Research in health economics is becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Health care costs are rising rapidly creating a serious concern for health care decision makers around the world. The sustainability of a health care system that is accessible and affordable to all, is hard to achieve and maintain. The difficulties related to ensuring a fair and comprehensive health care system are an important incentive for conducting health economic research.

This is why health economics is a dynamic and growing research area with numerous job opportunities. The research master Health Sciences - specialisation Health Economic Analysis offers a unique combination of epidemiological and health economic courses, which areĀ aimed at teaching you important analytical and professional skills for designing, carrying out and reporting academic research in the field of health economics. Typically, during the research master Health Sciences - Health Economic Analysis you will deal with questions such as:

  • How do we balance between affordability of health care and quality of health care?
  • Are new health care interventions worth the expenditure?
  • How do health care systems perform relative to each other in terms of solidarity and affordability?
  • Are health and health care distributed fairly within populations?
  • How can we improve our current health economic research methods?
  • How can we design health economic studies?

TheĀ research master Health Sciences - specialisation Health Economic Analysis is a joint venture between the NIHES (Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences) and the Institute of Health Policy & Management.

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