Proefschriften 2016

Tim Kanters

Health Technology Assessment of Orphan Drugs

8 december 2016

Linda Muijsers

De kracht van duaal bestuur

7 oktober 2016

Maarten Janssen

Situated Novelty: a study on healthcare innovation and its governance

16 september 2016

Leander Buisman

Early Cost-Effectiveness of Medical Tests in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Ischemic Stroke

30 juni 2016

Femke Vennik

Interacting patients
The construction of active patientship in quality improvement initiatives

24 juni 2016

David Rappange

Future health
A policy and an individual perspective

19 mei 2016

Liesbeth Lawerman - de Wetering


12 mei 2016

Wameq Raza

Evaluations of social safety-nets in Bangladesh and India

28 april 2016

Suzanne H.C.M. van Veen

Evaluating and improving the predictive performance and risk equalization models in health insurance markets

7 april 2016

Hedwig Maria Sluimer-Blommestein

The added value of real-world evidence

1 april 2016

Shamiso Zinzombe

The right to health, pharmaceutical corporations and intellectual property: access to medicine

3 maart 2016


Sarah Slaghuis

Riding the Waves of Quality Improvement

22 januari 2016

Angelica Sousa Fragoso

The relation between the health workforce distribution and maternal and child health inequalities

6 januari 2016